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Vietnamese foods for those who love Vietnamese foods

It has been over a year since I was able to come home to Vietnam and indulge in street foods. On a random summer day, I made some Vietnamese udon noodle and invited a Vietnamese girl I met in a travel Facebook group to try.

Turned out, we share the same last name, and the same dream to open our own eatery. It is hard to describe Coconana as a coffee shop cause we serve lots of foods, so let's call it a cafe for now.

This place has lots of love. We built most items ourselves: from the paintings on the walls to the little dry flower vases on the tables. Here, we promise to bring the most authentic Vietnamese flavors in our memory to your taste buds.

If there is a dish you are craving, message us, there is a high possibility that we are working on it. So why wait?


"Banh Mi" Vietnamese sandwich

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